Technical overview

Culture24 aims to make it as easy as possible for the information it manages to be shared and used so that exciting events, vibrant venues and lots more can be found by as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible.

We do this by working with our technical partners and other experts to ensure that our carefully curated information is available in easy ways to suit everyone – from industry geeks, to bloggers in their bedrooms and coders in their classrooms!

One of the easiest ways our information can be accessed and the one we most recommend is our ‘restful’ API (applications program interface).

You can find details of how our API works and descriptions of all our data fields here.

The API lets you easily make ‘calls’ over the web to the great set of arts and heritage information we manage, so that it can be diced and spliced to produce useful, exciting or simply playful websites and apps for different audiences.

You could create anything from fun family friendly guides, like our own Show Me service or websites and apps promoting specific places or campaigns, such as the First World War Centenary, led by Imperial War Museums.

Show Me Homepage

Show Me – family friendly responsive website built with the Culture24 API

First World War Centenary

First World War Centenary events calendar powered by Culture24 API

Still too technical?

If the API sounds too tough, then our friends at Imperial War Museums have created a WordPress plug-in that makes it even easier to use Culture24 listings information within responsive websites and blogs.

Orangeleaf Ltd have used the plug-in to produce an events calendar for Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery and the Waterloo 200 celebrations will be using the plug-in for their events calendar in 2015.

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery event calendar

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery event calendar using Culture24 API

The WordPress plugin produced by Imperial War Museums is available here:

Want Something Really Simple?

Another easy way to use the information we manage is RSS or Really Simple Syndication!

As well as allowing people to keep up with the latest information from Culture24 via a web-browser or email, RSS can also be used to feed our data into services you are developing.

RSS can even be customised for specific applications, such as Google Field Trip, an app that keeps you updated about all the exciting places and events that are happening near you.

Field Trip app

Google Field Trip – uses customised Culture24 RSS

All the kinds of information we manage, including venue, events and resource listings and our wonderful editorial features are available through these easy to use channels.

We also offer OAI-PMH and SOAP connections to our data, which some developers may find useful.

To get fully creative with the valuable arts and heritage information we manage, it is essential to partner with us.


Partnering with Culture24 gives you your very own key to unlock the wonders of arts and heritage organisations and it also means that we can have a direct relationship to better support each other’s needs as technology and new ways of working evolve.

Many major media companies, such as the BBC, tourism agancies, such as Visit London, creative agencies such as Orangeleaf Ltd and campaign leads, such as Imperial War Museums partner with Culture24 to make use of the data we manage.

Our basic partnership agreement, which references our general data sharing terms and conditions, govern the free and open online use of our amazing arts and heritage listings.

We can also discuss partnerships for fully commercial or print based services.

So get in touch to find out how you could make the most of Culture24 data!