About Us

Culture24 is an independent charity that brings arts and heritage organisations together to do amazing things they couldn’t do on their own. We are a small and dynamic team of writers, thinkers, producers and publishers who love arts and culture, understand digital and believe that cultural organisations have a vital place in a better world.

We are best known for publishing great websites about culture; producing the successful Museums at Night festival of after-hours openings, and leading Let’s Get Real, the collaborative action research project involving cultural organisations across the UK and Europe. We also aggregate and share data about thousands of cultural events, exhibitions and venues with a range of partners including the BBC.

Culture24 provides platforms, networks and safe, collaborative spaces within which cultural organisations can work together to reach and engage audiences, benchmark, experiment and learn. We broker partnerships and strategic opportunities that it would be near impossible to access as individual organisations. Our work has three main strands of activity:

- Programming and co-production

- Publishing

- Research and knowledge sharing


Interested in how our work supports the cultural sector?

C24 plan coverWant to find out who we work with and what we believe in?

Download and read our three year strategic plan.

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What problems are we solving?

Culture24 is working to solve three interrelated problems for the arts and heritage sector: reach, resilience and sustainability.

Reach: Some people think arts and heritage organisations are not relevant to their lives and can be boring, whilst others struggle to even know what is on offer.

Resilience: Due to the speed of digital change and lack of expertise, some professionals working in the cultural sector struggle to harness the potential of digital media to reach and engage audiences,

Sustainability: Cultural organisations can have problems attracting new partnerships with business, creative industries and other cultural organisations as they tend to be inward looking

We believe solutions to all of these problems lie in collaboration, communication and taking the time for thoughtful analysis of what we and our target audiences are doing online and offline. We and the cultural organisations we work with need to be responsive to our target audiences’ behaviours and expectations.

We believe success comes from working to these principles:

-          Cultural sector content needs to be fit for purpose to match the behaviours and demands of our audiences and improve reach

-          Cultural sector organisations and teams need to develop their internal skills, knowledge and capacity in order to engage audiences and build resilience

-          Cultural sector organisations need to work together to nurture collaborations and partnerships in order to develop audiences in sustainable ways.


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